Wendy Haskell: Fast 5 Facts You Need to Know


Wendy Haskell:  Fast 5 Facts You Need to Know

Wendy Haskell: Fast 5 Facts You Need to Know

The primary African-American quarterback to be drafted in the master football Hall of Fame made his right hand rest in his bed on business trips, constrained her to wear just underwear when alone with him and medicated her drink, as per a sensation new claim. The suit was documented against Warren Moon, 61, in Orange County, California, on December 4 by sports columnist Wendy Haskell, 32. As indicated by Haskell’s LinkedIn page, she started working for Sports 1 Marketing, an organization co-possessed by Moon in July 2017. The business is situated in Irvine, California. Her claim says that her part at the organization including running errands for Moon, going with him on business trips too arranging his appearances.

Haskell affirms that when she grumbled about Moon’s conduct to organization CEO Davd Meltzer, she was downgraded. As indicated by Sports 1 Marketing’s legitimate site, Meltzer and Moon, best known for his opportunity with the Houston Oilers in the NFL, started the organization in 2010. Their site says, “Since 2010, we have used our situational information to be measurably fruitful in all that we do. We can convey the correct individuals to our activities to draw in a greater amount of the opportune individuals. This raises the mindfulness and presentation of the undertaking along these lines enabling us to augment its adaptation so as to profit, help many individuals, and have a great deal of fun!”

This is what you have to know:

1. Haskell Says She Was Told to Comply With Moon’s Requests in Order to Keep Her Job

Wendy Haskell Instagram page

In the lawsuit, Haskell says that she was ordered to comply with Moon’s bizarre requests in order to keep her job. One particular case details a trip to Cabo in October 2017. Haskell said that after sipping a drink, she began to feel strange. Haskell says she asked Moon if he had put something in her drink, she says the hall of famer said that he had. Haskell says Moon told her he spiked the drink “because he thought she was not having fun.”

Haskell says prior to that trip she had already brought her concerns about Moon to company CEO David Meltzer. She says Meltzer told her that after the Cabo trip, her position at the company would change. Also prior to the Cabo trip, Haskell said an email had been sent to female employees who were attending the trip saying they were required to wear “neon G-strings.”

On another occasion, Haskell said that she had been forced to share a bed with Moon on a trip. She awoke in the middle of the night to find Moon’s hand on her genitals. The lawsuit says that she yelled, “No,” but that Moon forced her to allow him sleep with his hand on her buttocks.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Haskell’s lawyer, Diana Fitzgerald from Miami, said that Haskell never went to the police with her claims because she was “scared.” Fitzgerald also said, “She was expecting to further her career in the sports marketing industry. She had no idea that her job duties were going to involve that kind of personal protocol.”

Read the full lawsuit here:

2. Haskell Is a Doctor of Physical Therapy

Wendy Haskell Facebook page

Facebook/Wendy Haskell

On her LinkedIn page, Haskell attained a doctorate of physical therapy from the State University of New York at Buffalo, graduating in 2009. While at the school, Haskell played for the school’s Division 1 volleyball team. Haskell’s undergraduate was in exercise science. For high school, Haskell was a student at Clarence High School in Buffalo, New York. In high school, Haskell was a gymnast, dancer, basketball player and she ran track.

Wendy Haskell photos pictures

Facebook/Wendy Haskell

Between May 2013 and February 2016, Haskell worked as a therapist for Kiwi Physical Therapy in New York City. From there, Haskell worked at the U.S. Athletic training center between October 2014 and October 2016. During that time Haskell also worked as a color commentator for the Time Warner Cable Sports Channel covering the Buffalo Bills primarily.

3. Haskell Was One-Time Player in the Lingerie Football League

According to a 2010 feature in the American Airlines Skymall magazine, Haskell spent time playing in the Lingerie Football League in 2009 for the Miami Caliente. In a bio, Haskell wrote that she “ran a spread offense” while playing in the league.

Haskell was appearing in the Sky Mall magazine in conjunction with Evel Knievel Cycles out of Pittsburgh. At the time, Haskell was working as a physical therapist in Miami for Polestar Pilates International. Haskell appeared in the photo shoot along with Ms. Pennsylvania 2009, Gina Cerilli.

Other photos on Haskell’s Tumblr page show that she has done modeling in the past for Buffalo Fashion Week and for Mercedes Benz.

4. Haskell Is an ‘Orphan Advocate’

On her Instagram bio, Haskell describes herself as an “orphan advocate.” Haskell adds, “Smiling is my favorite.” In 2016, Haskell issued a plea to her fans via her Tumblr page asking for donations to help her to travel on a humanitarian mission to Haiti. At the time, Haskell was working for the charity I’m Me. The charity’s motto is “On a mission to end the orphan cycle.”

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Haskell writes in the about section of her Tumblr blog, “As I have gone along my journey in this crazy thing we call life, I have realized that the impact you can make on others by being a caring and compassionate person, and showing love for others is bigger than what degree you have, what you do for a living, or even who you know.” In addition to her orphan work, Haskell’s Zocdoc profile says she “is very involved with charity work for a number of volunteer organizations, including I’m Me Foundation, Jim Kelly’s Kelly for Kids Foundation, and The Steadfast Foundation’s Catwalk for Charity.”

5. In 1995, Moon Was Sued by a Minnesota Cheerleader Who Accused Him Offering Her Money for Sex

Moon was accused in May 1995 of offering a Minnesota Vikings cheerleader money in exchange for sex. At the time, Moon was playing for the team. That case was settled out of court. While in July of the same year, Moon was arrested in Texas after his then-wife accused him of hitting and choking her. His then-wife, Felicia Moon, did not press charges while Moon told the media that the couple had merely had an argument. After charges were laid by police in Texas, Felicia testified that she had started the argument, reported People Magazine. Moon was acquitted. The couple would divorce in 2001.

In 2005, Moon remarried Mandy Ritter in Hawaii, reported the Seattle Times at the time.

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